Our Story

BhoFro [Bohemian + Afro]

My name is Chits and I am the creative mind behind BhoFro Design (and a bohemian at heart).
I believe every woman should own a piece of jewelry and accessories that are bold, unique to her personality, and fulfills her desire to make a difference in the world. I do this by designing African themed jewelry and accessories that are bold, unique, and one of a kind.
Once someone has chosen an item from BhoFro design, they have chosen something that resonates with their character through the statement they are making.
Wearing BhoFro Design is also life changing because the pieces are made from fabric manufactured primarily by the only large scale fabric company in Malawi (Africa). This one company supports 3000+ local employees as well as small scale farmers who grow the cotton locally. Buying BhoFro Design helps to support the local Malawian economy as an alternative to donor aid through the empowerment of local business, which we believe is the more sustainable approach to financial development and livelihood improvement in Malawi.
Our long term goals are to partner with local Malawian artisans for certain elements of our jewelry manufacturing process. We also look forward to begin a local Skills Development Women's Group to allow for capacity building, as well as community and economic development. This is why, it's not just stuff... it's a lifestyle.

Our Mission

 Our mission is to carry out the legacy of ethical retail through the use of materials that promote the socioeconomic growth of African fabric manufacturers, as well as local African cotton farmers and artisans.

We're committed to delivering continuous innovative, unique, and quality handmade products.

About Me

I have been an artistic person since I was a child. Back then I had made up my mind that I was going to be an artist. However growing up in a developing country like Malawi, everyone told me that art wouldn’t earn me a living at all. So one day in high school, my design and technology teacher suggested that I try architecture, and I did. I still had an element of art right?

Fast forward years later, I have an architecture degree and a master’s degree, have worked for eight years in the field and still felt that child artist knocking and trying to come out. So I listened. I decided to go for it by opening this  store because I’m happiest when I’m being creative :)

I have a vision that BhoFro Design will be a place to allow me to express my creativity and share my culture with you with beautiful items while playing my part in helping with the development of Malawi.

I try hard to source Malawian materials to support the local economy, but where I cannot, I make sure that the products are sourced from other African Fair Trade sources.
Thanks again! [Zikomo]