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Moni Nonse! [Hi All!]

Welcome to the official BhoFro Design Blog! (Woohoo!)

It's so awesome to have a place where I can share the ins and outs of my creative process and running a business.

First things first... you must be wondering why I keep throwing out phrases and words in this strange language. Well, the language is called Chichewa and it's from Malawi (Africa) where I'm from. I'll have a post on 10 Things You Didn't Know About Malawi soon :)

Beautiful Lake Malawi :)

As I mentioned in the About page, BhoFro Design is a combination of Bohemian + Afro. I am a bohemian at heart. I feel like I have always been. I was that kid that climbed trees, run around barefoot and came home dirty (much to my mom's annoyance lol). ::sigh::

 Always barefoot!

I was born and raised in Malawi, but was blessed to have traveled and lived in Paris, Johannesburg, New York, and Berlin thanks to my Dad's work. Citizen of the world? Definitely! Student of culture and like? You know it!

 Bangladesh.. good times :)

I spent the past 5 years of my life in Malawi enjoying every bit of it. That's when I was re-immersed into the culture, vibrancy, music, patterns, and my heritage. I fell in love all over again.


Top: Ngoni Tribal Dancers Bottom: Me at my "Traditional" Wedding :)

When I realized that moving to Philly was a new chapter, a blank page to do what I really wanted, I knew being an architect (what I was trained to do in University and practiced for the past 8 years) was not it.

I love African jewelry, I love the patterns + colors of the fabrics, and I love creating things. BhoFro Design was inevitable :)

So here we are, ready to take on this new chapter. Except this time will be different. Unlike all the big changes that have happened over my life, this will be much better because I will be starting the journey with you!

 BhoFro Design HeadwrapsHeadwraps from our festival stock, oh the patterns! <3

This blog which I call BhoFro Life is for those who cannot get enough of the African Spirit, fashion, and vibe. Yes, you guys know who you are... :)

So expect some of the following:

1. Behind the scenes of how my creative process works

2. Info from the world of African fashion and accessories

3. Some interesting facts on Malawi and my work there

4. Regular updates, and special deals

Please don't forget to subscribe, as subscription will get you in the know about events and any deals I manage to wrangle with other brands. I other words, subscribe and you could be rocking some really sweet African Swag unavailable to others ;)

I'm so excited to get started! And thanks for joining me on this adventure :)

Tionana [Talk soon]




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